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The Unconventional Woman is a space where I express myself unapologetically (unconventionally of course). 

Oct 21, 2015

Some of what Athena had to say:

"I love doing hair."

" I also have a love for traveling. I've been to 34 countries."

"I began my quest to live a healthy lifestyle once my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes and died. I realized I don't want to die over a piece of pecan pie."

Oct 14, 2015

Some of what Brianna had to say:

"I tend to live in the moment."

"My biggest mistake was buying and Escalade."

"The entertainment industry has seen a major shift in its business model."

"I would tell my younger self to slow down and enjoy every moment."

Shout out to: T.I., Gayle King, Oprah and Mellody Hobson. 

Oct 7, 2015

Some of what Kashaunda had to say...

"Follow your passion and the money will follow."

"I've always loved fashion."

"I decided to focus my blog on the working woman."

"We as women sometimes lose ourselves. Through fashion you can redefine who you are."

"My grandma's favorite saying was Go Fly Your Kite."

Check out...

Oct 1, 2015

Some of What Sade Had To Say:

"I'm big on family, family is everything."

"I would tell my younger self, to stay focus and remember why you're in school."

"Once I am done with college, I want to run or be a CEO of a company."