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The Unconventional Woman is a space where I express myself unapologetically (unconventionally of course). 

Aug 19, 2015

Some of what Julissa had to say:


“I’m whole, I don’t have a missing part. I don’t need a husband to complete my life. I don’t need to conform my life according to society.”


“People are very ambitious in New York.”


“I’m not your typical looking girl. I have really wild curly hair....

Aug 11, 2015

Some of what Jeanne had to say:


“I’m never satisfied with the status quo.”


“Life’s about surrounding yourself around people who make you better.”



“During my divorce, I kept my name because I earned that name. St. John is my...

Aug 7, 2015

Some of what Calisha had to say:

“Advice to my college freshmen self: I came to college in a relationship, I would rather have not been in one.”


“College is about building your brand and who you are.”



“Californians don’t really speak and being in the south has made me more...

Aug 5, 2015

This is my take on an amazing podcast conference that took place in Dallas, TX.