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The Unconventional Woman is a space where I express myself unapologetically (unconventionally of course). 

Sep 7, 2015

Some of what Keisha had to say:

“I’m unconventional because I question the status quo.”


“I created my blog because I don’t think we have enough examples of the anti-stereotypes. I want to put out my perspective and what other black women experience.”


“ I have married parents and I didn’t grow up in the ghetto.”

Keisha on the Jesse Lee Peterson show

Check out Keisha's blog The Girl Next Door is Black


over eight years ago

Thank you Kris for the support.

Kris Baker Dersch
eight and a half years ago

Just discovered your show through She Podcasts and I'm digging it. I so needed a new show to fold laundry to today. Thank you. BTW, Lucille Ball is the BEST and a LOT of (not all) episodes are on Amazon Prime. I'm going to check out your other episodes, thanks!